22.11.2020 pyhäranta


When I received an aurora alert for the night, I had to make a plan for the night. Where should I go to photograph the anticipated aurora display? Near fields of Laitila were flooded, you would have needed a submarine to access them. It means that only one option remains, Pyhäranta! So there shall I go!

The Pyhäranta site is a stone quarry which is partially covered with water. There is also a campfire site which makes the site very welcoming for photography trips. When I arrived at the site, there was some kind of aurora display going on. But then it suddenly faded away, and it was time to have some warm drink and snacks by campfire. When I arrived at the campfire site, I mounted my tripod by the nearby pool of water and I left my camera on the tripod. Foreground of the scene was painted reddish by the pale glow of the campfire. I climbed back to the campfire site from the shore. I had barely been able to sit down properly, when I had to jump up again, as I noticed that the aurora display had activated again! I ran down the hill from the campfire site to the shore where I had left my camera. When I was ready to take photos, the campfire that was supposed to light up the foreground, went out suddenly without asking my permission! I set the camera to take some photos and run back to the campfire to add more logs to the fire to resuscitate it, then I went back to my camera. The evening was spent running from the camera to campfire and back. It was so beautiful, the aurora display was not a major one, but it was so delicate and infinitely beautiful!

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