I had a firm intention to go out in the field, and shoot some nice aurora photos and write a story about it afterwards. Eventually I wasn't able to record any auroras at all, and this story is not a masterpiece either, but I was able to witness and record a strange rocket phenomena instead. Though when compared with...

Shocked girl


The day finally came, when this girl will take a huge leap forward in image processing! My husband had acquired DeNoise AI -software by Topaz Labs for me, (many thanks for him, he surely knows how to treat her lady!) and what a difference before and after Topaz!

Something everything just works, and so it did this time. As a consequence of that, you have another trip report for reading! :)

Airglowy night


I had been thinking about this photo already many time, only taking it had been postponed many times for whatever reason. I had framed the photo in my mind now I only would need my husband to the rock and my camera on the tripod. But things don't always go as planned..

Shady business


Coming night was going to be warm and beautiful, so I packed my equipment and headed to the idyllig village of Kallela to see if I could get that countryside landscape together with noctilucent clouds(*) in same photo. Perhaps I could also get that horses with noctilucent clouds photo taken, that I had long been dreaming about!

How lovely words and how much I anticipate them. Everyone will no guess that this sentence started a crazy hassle in Salonkylä that leads to a story...

It was 18th of May 2021 when I was able to photograph mammatus clouds for the first time. That display didn't last long though, and I drove back home to continue my chores. But I left my camera equipment in my car, just in case...

What a trip! I won't forget this trip anytime soon, I wouldn't have believed that I would come home with scenic night sky photos and with sound samples of wolves! How did all this happen? I promise, it is quite a story, so sit down and relax, now we go!

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