Pink mammatus -clouds


Pink mammatus -clouds

It was 18th of May 2021 when I was able to photograph mammatus clouds for the first time. That display didn't last long though, and I drove back home to continue my chores. But I left my camera equipment in my car, just in case...

The weather stayed gray and clouds were hanging low. Little bit later, I shouted to my husband that I will get my camera equipment from the car, and while doing that, I also checked the sky. When I got out, I was totally amazed. Oh my god! There was a hole in the cloud cover, and I was able to see the pink mammatus -clouds, exactly what I had hoped for! (I was about to get a heart attack from this sight already!) I grabbed my camera and started walking along the road to get a more open view to the sky. While walking, I remembered that I still had the recovering knee injury, and I went back home to brace my knee and went off again. Luckily so, because I wasn't able to know that the trip would became a little bit longer...I was photographing towards east at the village road, in the west, there wasn't anything interesting going at the moment. West was ruined by low clouds anyway. In the east, there was also a short, reddish rainbow that I had to document.

The mammatus -clouds were covering larger and larger area of the sky. My field of view was becoming too narrow. At that moment I turned around, and what I saw, exceeded my wildest dreams! Oh my god, when did these appear? Behind my back there were new mammatus clouds, that were -yellow?! At the moment low clouds drifted away, and all mammatus -clouds that were covered by them, became well visible. Soon the mammatus -clouds became an all sky display. I had unobstructed view to wrong direction and it was too narrow as trees were blocking the view. I ran to the car and called my husband, who was also a recovering patient, that now it is a time to go it, you don't want to miss this sight! I grabbed the keys of my car and noticed that the sky was turned flaming red in the west. I had to stop for a while to take some photos, then I drove back home. When I arrived, my husband was waiting for me already, and we jumped in the car and we rocketed towards the fields were we had unobstructed and open view to the sky. When we arrived at the site, it was obvious, that this is a high class mammatus- and colorful sunset display.

No matter where you looked at, the sky was infernally red, and contrasts were huge, and the whole scene was painted unusually red. Roads, fields, protecting veils on the crops and all nearby houses had turned pink. It all looked apocalyptic and the sky looked like as if it was burning. Sometimes the background sky looked turquoise, then yellow, pink and bright orange. The stars of this amazing red sunset display were absolutely those majestic red and orange mammatus -clouds that were hanging from the clouds above us.

I have dreamed, day-dreamed and fantasized about mammatus clouds like these, and here they were, just before my eyes, amazing! I was absolutely thrilled! I was even a little bit disappointed, when the display faded away. While we were driving back home in the evening, the horizon and the whole scene were still glowing bright orange.

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