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I had a firm intention to go out in the field, and shoot some nice aurora photos and write a story about it afterwards. Eventually I wasn't able to record any auroras at all, and this story is not a masterpiece either, but I was able to witness and record a strange rocket phenomena instead. Though when compared with my other Soyuz -sighting, this time the rocket looked like a flaming roadside utility pole.

But let's take a step backwards...sometimes you just have to be at a right place at a right time to get even a single shoot of a strange phenomena. I was about to take my equipment to my car, when I noticed a light phenomena in the northwest. Apparently I have been practicing the skill of phenomena photography enough, that I instantly noticed that it was a rocket phenomena, and again I was in hurry to take at least some documentary shots of the phenomena. It was not an easy job to do, because I had to take my camera from the backpack, extend the tripod a bit higher than the packed length of 35 cm (I was able to open it with shaking hands to length of 65 cm...), take the tripod towards more open space on the road, try to safely mount the camera on the tripod (at first attempt the locking screw was jammed again...) and to think about optimal exposure time and to adjust the camera as quickly as possible. Actually this was a long list about all those things that I have to get done in 40 seconds that the phenomena was visible, so is it any wonder that I don't have any better photo of this phenomena, I'm just asking :P...)?

In the first photo, oh, well...let it be a lit up roadside utility pole and in the second photo lit up bushes, and I didn't even do any processing for the photo, because there are just lit up bushes, that are not that interesting. If you want to see some amazing photos, this time you should ask from someone else this time. I wasn't so successful this time :)

After this whole event I noticed that I had forgot to breathe in the hurry. And that there is still a flaming roadside utility pole in photo.

End of story.

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